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Our Services



Primary Medical Care: [link to Primary Medical Care page]

Full-range family practice

Extended hours to fit your busy schedule

Functional medicine (use of both pharmaceutical and natural medicines)

Innovative testing and analysis to identify address your specific health concerns

  • Testing available for allergies and sensitivities, hormone levels and balance, vitamin and mineral levels, bone density, and many other health indicators.


Laser Treatments: [link to Laser Treatments page]

Laser hair removal [link to Laser Hair Removal page]

Laser tattoo removal [link to Laser Tattoo Removal page]

Thermiva (feminine firming and tightening) [link to Thermiva page]

Thermismooth (cosmetic facial treatments) [link to Thermismooth page]

Viora (appearance care for multiple areas) [link to Viora page]

Stop smoking treatment [link to Stop Smoking page]


Chiropractic Services: [link to Chiropractic Services page]

Spinal therapy

Muscle and joint techniques

Soft tissue care

Guided rehabilitation


Supplements and Natural Solutions: [link to Supplements and Natural Solutions page]

Pharmaceutical grade supplements and wellness products

Health enhancement and maintenance options

Multiple, individualized weight loss plans

Highest quality manufacturers and suppliers


All services and procedures are supervised by Dr. Joseph Johnson, an on-site licensed family physician who has been serving the Reno/Sparks area for over twenty years.  It is our goal to help you look and feel your best at any age.  Our approach to modern medicine (merging clinical and natural approaches) ensures you are getting the safest and most effective treatments.


Make an appointment [link to Make an Appointment link] with any of our exceptional, friendly, experienced medical providers to see how we can help you with your health, wellness, and/or cosmetic priorities. You can be sure you’ll be comfortable at Sierra Nevada Wellness Center.