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Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Constipation, Diarrhea and Abdominal Pain

Here is the way we feel about Irritable Bowel Syndrome and our approach to solving it:

Please call our office to discuss ways to deal with the painful syndrome. There are solutions that are available right now that do not require expensive drugs with scary side-effects. Please call us at (775) 352-7200.

What are the Benefits of Laser Hair Removal in Reno?

Laser hair removal in Reno has quickly gained popularity over the last few years and is now one of the only ways to effectively get rid of hair permanently. It offers many benefits over other hair removal methods and is usually overseen by a trained family physician, which makes the process safer. When compared to other methods like shaving, depilatory creams, waxing and electrolysis, the advantages of laser treatment become clear. Many find laser hair removal as the best method to get rid of hair on the face, arms, back or bikini area.
How Laser Hair Removal Works
Laser treatments use a concentrated beam of energy that is aimed at the follicle. This energy is absorbed by the pigment in the hair, damaging the follicle. After enough treatments, follicles are damaged to the point that they will not grow hair at all. It is a matter of doing the treatment in the right phase of hair growth to cause the permanent effect.  Laser hair treatments can target virtually any area of the body, including the face, back and sensitive areas like the bikini line. The outcome varies by person, although some people see reduced hair growth in only a few treatments. The pain from laser hair removal is similar to the feeling of a rubber band being snapped on the skin.
Laser Hair Removal in Reno versus Electrolysis
Electrolysis and laser treatments are the only two permanent options for hair removal. Laser hair treatments offer a number of benefits over electrolysis, however. Physicians supervise many laser procedures, whereas electrolysis is often performed in a spa setting. Laser hair treatments are less painful than electrolysis and target a much larger area as electrolysis works by inserting a needle into each individual follicle. Still, results will vary by person so it is important to know that neither procedure can guarantee the outcome.
Less Pain with Laser Treatments
Laser treatments for hair removal in Reno also offer another advantage for many: the procedure is far less painful than electrolysis and many find it milder than waxing and tweezing as well. The sensation of a laser treatment is often compared to the snap of a rubber band on the skin, and treatments that target small areas like the eyebrows or upper lip may be as short as a couple minutes. Many prefer the laser procedure over older options like waxing and tweezing that allow the hair to grow back time after time.
More Convenient Than Shaving and Creams
Another major benefit offered by laser treatments is the convenience it offers. Shaving and depilatory creams require weekly or daily maintenance, which can become a hassle over years. With laser hair removal, unwanted hair can be erased permanently after five or more treatments spaced six weeks to eight weeks apart. Many find the cost of laser treatments to be worth the feeling of never tweezing eyebrows or shaving the bikini area again.
Laser hair removal in Reno is one of the best options available today to remove unwanted hair. It offers one of the only permanent solutions and can give results in only a few treatments. Laser hair removal can eliminate the need for daily shaving and tweezing completely.

Reno Family Physician Explains What Hormone Replacement Therapy Is

Hormone Replacement Therapy, or HRT, is a common medical treatment that can relieve the symptoms of menopause. It is also sometimes used to lessen aging symptoms in men. Although it can be helpful, hormone therapy also comes with many health risks. For this reason, every person should discuss the decision to use hormone treatment with their doctor.
What is Hormone Replacement Therapy?
Hormone replacement therapy in Reno is a treatment that consists of medication prescribed to women by a family physician. The medication is designed to counteract the effects of menopause. These medications contain female hormones like estrogen and progestin, which is a man-made version of the naturally occurring progesterone. Hormone therapy can alleviate many symptoms of menopause, including hot flashes and vaginal symptoms. Although usually used to treat women, a form of hormone therapy for men is also available to treat low levels of testosterone.
History of the Treatment
Hormone therapy has been around since the 1930’s, when estrogen was used to treat hot flashes and other menopausal symptoms. In the 1960’s, doctors found more reasons to use HRT and family physicians began prescribing it more often. Throughout the next ten years, doctors used hormone therapy to treat everything from hot flashes to depression. It was approved by the FDA to treat menopause at first. In the 1980’s it was also approved to treat the loss of bone density. By 2002, it became apparent that hormone therapy can cause serious health problems and the frequency of prescription went down greatly.
Benefits to Hormone Replacement
There are a few benefits to using hormone replacement therapy in the short term. Women seem to gain protection against the loss of bone density, colorectal cancer and heart disease. Studies show that this lowers the chance of fractures and broken bones. The decrease in heart disease occurs when hormone therapy is started at the beginning of menopause. Of course, benefits also include the reduction in menopausal symptoms like mood swings and trouble sleeping as well.
Shortcomings of the Therapy
There are a number of side effects that have decreased the use of hormone therapy medication by family physicians in Reno over the past ten years. Taking estrogen medication without progestin increases the risk of uterine cancer. Long term use of hormone therapy is linked to abnormal mammograms, a higher risk of blood clots and an increased chance of certain cancers. For some, the benefits can outweigh the risks of hormone therapy, although family physicians usually recommend it only when menopause symptoms are too difficult to live with.
Hormone replacement therapy in Reno has decreased over the past ten years, although it is still an effective treatment for some individuals. HRT can reduce menopausal symptoms and decrease the risk of osteoporosis. Still, the side effects and health risks associated with the process make it necessary to carefully consider the therapy before choosing it for long term treatment.

Reno Family Physician Discusses Spider Vein Treatment Options

Spider vein treatments are designed to alleviate symptoms, prevent complications or improve the appearance of spider veins. There are four popular treatment options available today. Compression socks are a good option for individuals that want to reduce leg pain, although they can’t improve appearance. Laser treatments, surgery and sclerotherapy all improve symptoms and appearance. Usually, sclerotherapy is the best option because it has the lowest risk and the least amount of pain.
Compression Stockings
Compression stockings are the most affordable spider vein treatment available. These stockings put pressure on the veins in the legs and can alleviate pain and discomfort. There are three types of stockings available. Support pantyhose offer little pressure and cannot apply pressure to a specific area. Over-the-counter gradient hose provide more pressure and are usually sold in drugstores. High pressure hose may be prescribed by a Reno family physician and must be fitted to each individual. In general, compression stockings work well to alleviate discomfort but they cannot improve the appearance of spider veins.
Laser Treatments
A family physician may use surface laser treatments to treat spider veins. This procedure uses strong bursts of light that are sent throughout the skin. This causes veins to slowly fade, although the process can be very painful even though no needles or incisions are made. Laser treatments do not work for everyone because the laser only works with certain skin types and shades. It’s possible for a single spider vein to require up to five separate treatments and veins larger than 3mm cannot be treated with a laser. Potential side effects include swollen skin and discoloration that can last for months.
Surgery is the most invasive spider vein treatment available and is reserved for large veins. This procedure involves tying veins shut or removing them completely with small incisions. Although it doesn’t affect circulation, surgery can be hard to recover from and involves many risks. The recovery takes up to a month and pain can last for many weeks. Permanent scars, infection and nerve tissue damage are possible risks of the surgery. Surgery or deep laser treatment from a vascular surgeon is the way to treat varicose veins (especially the larger veins on the ones that stick out).
Sclerotherapy as a Spider Vein Treatment
By far the most common spider vein treatment is a procedure called sclerotherapy. This treatment usually takes place in the office of a family physician. The doctor will inject a very small amount of liquid chemical into the spider vein, which causes it to swell and then stick together and seal. This stops the flow of blood through the vein and it turns to scar tissue. Within weeks the appearance usually fades completely. No anesthesia is required, although two or three treatments may be necessary for stubborn veins. Compression socks are usually worn afterwards to reduce swelling.
Spider veins can cause discomfort and embarrassment. Fortunately, there are many treatment options that can improve appearances. Compression stockings prescribed by a Reno family physician are a good choice to reduce general discomfort, although most people prefer a treatment that can remove the spider veins completely. Surgery is very invasive and hard to recover from and laser treatments can be very painful and expensive. Sclerotherapy, on the other hand, can be performed in a doctor’s office and is usually successful with one or two treatments.

Reno Doctor Explains Weight Loss Solution

There are countless weight loss solutions offered today. Most are fad diets that are either ineffective or cause temporary and unhealthy weight loss. Using the advice of a doctor who knows how to lose weight it’s possible to achieve long-lasting weight loss. A doctor can target key areas that cause weight gain, including hormonal imbalances, high levels of stress, inadequate sleep and low metabolism.
Quality Foods, Stress and Sleep
An individual learns how to lose weight by first examining the foods that are being consumed. Low quality foods can result in nutritional deficiencies and hormonal imbalances, which lead to weight gain and other health problems. High stress levels are also shown to increase weight gain, making it important to analyze and reduce sources of stress in daily life. Sleep is another important aspect that must be addressed. A lack of sleep is linked to weight gain and other problems. A Reno doctor can fully evaluate a patient’s needs to correct stress-related cortisol levels and tailor a healthy menu plan.
Improving Metabolism and Hormone Balance
A person’s basal metabolic rate (BMR) is the amount of calories they can burn each day. A slow BMR makes weight loss difficult and can be caused by many factors, including low activity and a hormone imbalance. A trained weight management doctor can analyze a patient’s BMR and give them a personal program to raise their metabolism and increase weight loss. At the same time a doctor may check for common hormonal imbalances like high levels of cortisol which can increase fat storage in the body.
Detox and Exercise
A well-functioning liver is necessary for effective weight loss. The liver breaks down toxins in the body, processes hormones and even breaks down fat. Many things can lead to a poorly functioning liver, including diabetes, obesity, and a poor diet. A doctor can help to detoxify the liver as part of a weight loss solution. The right kind of exercise is also necessary. Increasing difficulty slowly, at least thirty to sixty minutes of exercise three times each week is necessary to see real results.
Weight Monitoring by a Reno Doctor
Most individuals who fail to monitor their calorie intake and weight have unsuccessful weight loss. Having a diet evaluated by a doctor is part of an effective weight loss solution because a physician understands why the body gains weight and can correct problems before they become severe. A weight loss doctor knows how to lose weight and will recognize signs of hormonal imbalances, low-quality foods and the need to detoxify the body to maximize results. A well-monitored diet is the best way to overcome problems, including a genetic predisposition to obesity.
To learn how to lose weight effectively it’s important to consult a trained weight management doctor. Only a doctor can help a patient improve their metabolism and correct hormonal imbalances. A Reno doctor can also provide a personalized nutritional plan and exercise routine that will maximize weight loss efforts. A monitored diet is the best weight loss solution available because it addresses all causes of weight gain.

A Reno Family Physician Discusses Ways to Stop Smoking

Finding information on how to stop smoking is easy, but what is not as easy is sorting through it all. Which method is the best; or better yet, which one will work the best for you? Each person is different, and not everyone will respond the same way to the same approaches. This information may help you decide to quit smoking, and, with some effort, end up smoke free.
What are the Benefits of not Smoking?
In the U.S., there are over 170,000 deaths per year due to cancer, including lung cancer. Certain cancers may not be preventable, but lung cancer caused by smoking is, so keep that in mind while trying to quit. Beyond cancer, quitting smoking lowers blood pressure, and lowers the risk for both heart attack and stroke. It also helps you breathe better, not to mention the money you will save when you no longer need to buy cigarettes.
When it seems Impossible to Quit
Smokers struggling to quit seem to have tried it all, the patch, gum, hypnosis, self-help books and groups, cold turkey, yoga, and even shock treatment! Even after all this, they are still smokers. Some physicians are now using what is called a cold (low-level) painless laser, fired at specific points on the hands and face like acupuncture, to rid the body of nicotine cravings and other symptoms of withdrawal by raising the body’s own natural pain and stress reliever.
The Newest Medical Breakthrough in the Science of Battling a Nicotine Habit
As a family physician in Nevada, I have developed a 4-step program that uses the cold laser to help you overcome the need to smoke. What sets this system apart? Nicotine gum and patches just give the body nicotine in another form, while prescription drugs are expensive and may have some serious side effects. His program has no side effects, provides ongoing support without a long-term commitment, and causes the release of natural stress and pain reducers.
What does this new Program Involve?
Step One: A consultation with myself or a member of the medical staff.
Step Two: The cold laser treatment, in which a low-level laser beam will stimulate the acupuncture points related to smoking. This releases chemicals in your brain that relax you, which reduces the withdrawal symptoms.
Step Three: The dietary and lifestyle action plan, to help with cravings, rid the body of toxins, give exercise ideas and stress reduction tips, not to mention a free relaxation CD.
Step Four: The follow up visit, to track your progress, and determine if you might benefit from further treatment, or if the dietary lifestyle plan is enough to keep you on course to your goal of becoming a non-smoker, although the clinic staff is always available for additional support as needed
No matter what anyone may say there is no ‘miracle cure’ that will make cravings disappear overnight. With the right support, though, you can overcome the need for nicotine. Do the homework; find out everything you can about any new program or product before investing time and money into it. The most important step in the journey to stop smoking is the first one.

What Is Mesotherapy?

People have been searching for safe and easy body sculpting methods for centuries. Unfortunately, most of the techniques discovered aren’t completely effective. Exercise and dieting may work, but there will still be flab, cellulite, and other problems. The results will still be less than perfect. Mesotherapy is a safe, more affordable alternative to surgical procedures like liposuction.
History of Mesotherapy
The field of mesotherapy was founded by a French doctor named Michel Pistor. After years of clinical research, Dr. Pistor began administering the treatments in 1952. In 1987, the French Academy of Medicine added mesotherapy as a specialized medical practice. Mesotherapy has seen success throughout Europe for more than half a century and has recently become available in the United States. There are about 18,000 doctors around the world that are qualified to perform mesotherapy.
How it Works
Mesotherapy is a medical treatment that is performed by a doctor using several subdermal injections. Each injection, about the size of an eyelash, contains a mixture of FDA approved medicines, vitamins, and natural extracts. The formula is inserted into the mesoderm of the problem area, which is the layer of fat and tissue found just below the skin’s surface. It then begins to dissolve and shrink the fat cells. For best results, mesotherapy is typically performed bi- weekly for the needed number of sessions.
Benefits of Mesotherapy
When fat cells shrink, unsightly bulges diminish, and the skin tightens. and excess weight falls away.  Because mesotherapy in Reno doesn’t involve surgery, there is little recovery time and patients can continue with their regular routine.
Typical Treatments
Each mesotherapy session in Reno takes less than half an hour and can easily be scheduled during a patient’s lunch break. The number of treatments required will depend on the individual as well as the targeted area. Facial rejuvenation, for example, generally consists of 4 treatments at 2 to 3 week intervals. Patients who receive treatment for weight loss may see results in as little as 2 sessions or may schedule 5 or 6 visits. Treatments are usually administered every other week until the series is complete.
The Best Candidates for Mesotherapy
While mesotherapy in Reno can be a highly effective and simple body sculpting solution, it is not the best option for everyone. The ideal mesotherapy patient is a healthy adult with a body mass index of no more than 30. An individual must be at least 18 years old to receive treatment and should be no older than 75. Mesotherapy is not recommended for pregnant women, diabetics, cancer patients, or people taking certain medications.
Mesotherapy is much more effective than weight loss creams and gels. It is also safer and more affordable than other weight loss procedures performed by doctors. That’s why mesotherapy treatments are becoming increasingly popular throughout the world. In less than an hour each month, individuals can achieve their body sculpting goals without surgery thanks to mesotherapy.
Best results are seen on people with fairly normal size who have one to a few mildly problem fatty areas such as saddle bags, waist buttocks, or bra bulge.  Mesotherapy is not a weight loss program.

How to Choose the Right Doctor in Reno

How do you pick the best physician Reno, NV has to offer?
When it comes to the health of you and your family, you can’t afford to take chances on a less than skillful healthcare practitioner.  And the truth is, the doctors in Reno, Nevada are about as varied as can be.
You need to make sure your doctor specializes in what your family needs.  Reno family physicians all have a different approach to medicine.  Here at the Sierra Nevada Wellness Center, our staff chooses the healthiest approach to natural medicine mixed with modern science to make sure you are getting the best overall care your family deserves.
Is my Reno doctor a good fit for me?
Ask yourself, “am I getting the care I hope for?”  If the answer is anything less than an astounding yes, it may be time to rethink your physician.
Do you feel that your doctor takes the time to truly understand your concerns?  Does he listen to you or simply write you a new prescription each time you go in without addressing the underlying causes of what ails you?
When it comes to Reno physicians, you have plenty of choices.  Don’t settle for a mediocre healthcare experience when right around the corner you can have a fantastic one.  The staff at the Sierra Nevada Wellness Center will do all they can to make sure you feel comfortable, and the healthcare practitioners always have your best interests at heart.
Do all Reno family physicians accept my insurance?
That’s a tough question.  Insurance companies are notorious for being picky with their providers.  Give your doctor a call to make sure you are getting the best deal for your money.  Make sure your current physician is on your insurance’s preferred provider list.  Our front office is specially trained to work with your insurance company.  A quick call will determine if the Sierra Nevada Wellness Center is a good fit for you!
In the end, it’s important to know you’re getting the best care available.  The staff at the Sierra Nevada Wellness Center wants you to know that you are in the right place.  Feel free to give us a call at any time to ask us more about how we can make your doctor’s visit a pleasant one.

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