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Stop Smoking with your Reno Family Physician!


Have you tried to stop smoking in the past using the patch, nicotine gum, hypnosis or those books you see on the internet—but couldn’t make it through the week? Well, now you can enjoy a healthy, smoke-free life with the help of my new medical program featuring cold laser therapy that’s quick, easy and produces lasting results! So if you’re really ready to become an ex-smoker, then read on as I share with you how to…

Stop Smoking Now:

A New Medical Approach to Kicking the Habit!

Read This Special Health Report Now To Find Out:

  • The real reason why most people smoke and why it is almost impossible to stop on your own regardless of how hard you try!
  • Why nicotine patches and gums fail. Discover the shocking truth about the other little-known and highly addictive chemicals found in cigarettes that are literally sabotaging your efforts to lead a smoke-free life!
  • The real deal about why most treatments you see on the internet and in magazines will never help you “kick the habit” no matter how long you use them!
  • How a new medical program and breakthrough laser treatment can help you kick the habit fast, no matter how many cigarettes you smoke a day or how long you’ve been smoking.  Find out what your friends, family, and even your own doctor may not know about this breakthrough in smoking cessation!
  • The basic science behind low-level laser therapy and why it’s an integral part of a complete stop smoking program!  Learn how this totally drug-free medical treatment can help you get back to living life to its fullest without the constant cravings, weight gain and irritability.  No, you don’t have to go “cold turkey” ever again!

Attention Smokers:

Did You Know That Smoking Kills More Than 400,000 People Each Year In the U.S Alone, and the Economic Costs of Smoking Are Estimated To Be About $3,391 Per Smoker Per Year?

The Good News Is That In a Matter of Days We Can Help You End Your Addiction To Smoking, Even If You’ve Been a Smoker For Years and Have Tried Almost Everything Under the Sun!

Dear Soon To Be Ex-Smoker,

Mark Twain said, “Quitting smoking is easy. I’ve done it a thousand times.” So if you would like to know why so many of my patients who are now ex-smokers are calling my Stop Smoking Now Program—featuring low-level laser therapy—nothing less than a miracle…this may be the most exciting and important thing you ever read because…

In just a matter of days you CAN Live a Smoke-Free Life … without nicotine patches or gum… without being hypnotized…and without gaining a ton!

Listen, I know what you’re thinking:  You’ve heard big promises like this before. You’ve heard every claim of results.  Believe me, I understand—I’ve heard them all too.  So all I can do is humbly ask you a little favor.  And that’s to give me a few minutes of your time.  In return I will give you all the facts… and perhaps soon you will have the opportunity to help you get your life back.

I’ll bet you’ve tried going “cold turkey”… or nicotine patches… or maybe hypnosis… and you’re still smoking.  You’ve probably tried just about everything… and… you’re still looking for a way to quit for real.

You Really Can Quit Smoking In a Matter of Days!

I know it’s hard to believe, but it’s true. I know because that breakthrough is my Stop Smoking Now Program featuring cold-laser therapy… and… I see nothing short of “miracles” happening to my patients just about every day.

Before we go any further, here’s a little warning: Not everyone has “miraculous” results.  There is no such thing as a “sure thing” when it comes to quitting smoking (or for that matter, anything).  If you are looking for a 100% guaranteed cure for every single person who smokes… you won’t find it in this report… or anywhere else! So let’s get to the facts!

Oh, by the way, I want you to know up front that this report is NOT an attempt to convince you how bad smoking is for your health—you already know that. You are not a child, and let’s face it—you know that smoking causes disease and early death.  But you just haven’t been able to quit…and…quitting is what this report is all about! You see, there’s a lot more to smoking than bad health.

A Smoker or a Non-Smoker?

Quite frankly, this decision will likely be the most important one you’ll ever make. You see, even if you’re a “world class” smoker, who can hardly make it up a flight of stairs…hacking and coughing to the point of tearing your chest muscles… even if you’ve smoked so long that your teeth are yellow and your skin is leathered… I am confident that even YOU can free yourself from the clutches of tobacco.

This is about becoming a non-smoker, and eliminating the stress and the misery of the whole process. You know the horrors of withdrawals and nicotine cravings which have probably led to your downfall when you tried to quit in the past. And the weight gain…who can forget the weight gain?

Here’s the Shocking Truth About Smoking and Why YOU Can Quit Easily!

Think about this:  Do you realize that the tobacco industry has brainwashed you into actually believing that you like to smoke?  Even though just about every ex-smoker on the planet will testify that nothing feels more incredible than NOT smoking!  Give me a break!  No cigarette can beat the restored sensation of your lungs filled with clean air… your body pulsating with more energy…your mind more focused and sharp… your teeth white and bright… your skin looking radiant… your clothes smelling fresh (and YOUR sense of smell returning)… food tasting better than ever… the list goes on and on.

Oh yeah, and there’s the amazing feeling of triumph that comes from beating the mighty addictive power of tobacco.  Like David beating Goliath! It’s true.  There’s more to this than just a chemical addiction.  We’re talking about decades of mental conditioning through advertising…through movies and television too.  The illusion that it’s “cool” to smoke.

Think about it.  Since you were a kid you’ve been lied to and programmed by tobacco companies and even the news media to believe that you’re totally hooked and addicted and that you simply can’t quit.  You and millions of others have been misled in order to line their pockets with silver.

I guess you can tell that I’m passionate about helping people quit smoking.  After many years in practice, frustrated… trying to get patients to quit… hoping and praying they’d have the willpower to just go “cold turkey,” I am thrilled to provide a legitimate solution.

But the fact is that everybody has their own personal motivation for quitting. Do you know yours?  Have you ever asked yourself? Is it simply to live longer?  Or to avoid a slow and painful death? Is it to stop your skin from looking like leather (and those awful vertical frown lines!)? Is it to prevent your brain from deteriorating? That’s right—researchers at the University of Michigan’s Addiction Research Center have reported that smoking decreases brain performance!

Or maybe you simply want to save the thousands of dollars you’ve been knowingly siphoning out of your wallet for years. Did you really ever think about that one?  If you smoke just one pack a day, you’re spending almost $2,000 each year.  And if you’ve smoked ten years… that’s a whopping $20,000!  Do your own math.  It’s not pretty!

Pack/Day $$/Day $$/Week $$/Month $$/Year
1 $5.00 $35.00 $150.00 $1,825.00
1.5 $7.50 $52.50 $225.00 $2,737.50
2 $10.00 $70.00 $300.00 $3,650.00
2.5 $12.50 $87.50 $375.00 $4,562.50

What is the Value of Getting Your Life Back?

Imagine the feeling of being free of the ankle-chains of tobacco for the rest of your life. What would it be worth for you to be liberated from the nicotine prison?  To actually be in control of your own life? Can you really put a price on your life?  What price is your life worth to your family and friends? I hope for your sake your answer is… priceless.

What Is YOUR Motivation For Quitting?

Think about it:  If everyone were motivated by health to stop smoking, nobody would smoke!  The truth is it’s becoming more and more socially unacceptable to smoke. Most public places prohibit smoking.  And I bet you’re not allowed to smoke where you work.  So you have to congregate outside (sometimes in the cold or rain) with other smokers to get your dose of nicotine to keep your sanity.

Smoking Isn’t “Cool” Anymore!

Let’s face it—smoking was once cool.  It was socially acceptable, but that was decades ago. Now, you can miss job opportunities… be locked out of renting an apartment… be asked to leave public places, like restaurants.  Many sports events are smoke-free too.  It’s not only uncool these days to smoke; it can be quite inconvenient or even embarrassing—like when you have to smoke in that little “fish tank” at the airport. And since only one-quarter of the population smokes, you could easily miss out on a great relationship —like meeting the love of your life—simply because you’re a smoker.

What in the world happened?  How did smoking stop being cool?  Simple.  We finally learned the awful truth about the tobacco industry.  We learned that they plotted and planned to turn the humble tobacco plant into an evil, deadly and highly addictive drug.  And we discovered that with their politically connected agenda, they flew under the radar of law and morality. We learned that tobacco companies were loading cigarettes with all kinds of chemicals to intentionally magnify their addictive effects.

The Shocking Truth About What Else Is In Cigarettes!

It’s not just about nicotine.  In fact, nicotine barely scratches the surface when it comes to highly addictive chemicals in tobacco products.  “Big Tobacco” worked hard to create a loyal consumer base that would buy more and more… and never quit smoking, despite the clear health risks.  It’s horrifying to discover that there are more than 4,000 added chemicals that the cigarette manufacturers are allowed to use… to improve the taste, increase the shelf life, and make them more addictive, even though most of those chemicals are illegal to use in other products!

Amazing how the law works when it comes to cigarettes, isn’t it? Pesticides that are banned in the United States on all other crops are legal for tobacco leaves. Hey, did you know cigarettes are often made with sugar-soaked paper?  That’s right… I bet you didn’t realize you were getting a sugar fix too!  Just another way to make them more desirable.

How about this:  The added nicotine is considered by experts to be as addictive as heroin…and as if that wasn’t enough, ammonia is added, which has been found to make nicotine get absorbed by your body much faster! Then there’s acetone… you know—nail polish remover.  This stuff also gets the nicotine into your bloodstream faster… The list goes on and on!  I’m talking industrial solvents, radioactive chemicals, and additives, which open up your air passageways to get the smoke to your lungs quicker—to make you need it sooner.

Why Do You Smoke?

Maybe you believe you smoke because it relieves tension.  Maybe you think it looks sexy… or that smoking helps you think.  And maybe you truly believe that you smoke because you simply like to. But you must come to grips with the fact that the ONLY reason you smoke is because you NEED to have nicotine in your bloodstream.  You’re hooked on a chemical.

You shouldn’t feel bad.  It’s not your fault.  It doesn’t make you a bad person. You simply can’t function once the nicotine level drops below minimum level.  That’s what withdrawal is all about.  And so, when your nicotine level drops… you’ve got to have a smoke.  That’s the whole deal!  And by the way, that’s why you need to smoke when you’re under stress.  Check this out:  When you’re under stress, your body makes your urine acidic.  And when that happens, you get rid of nicotine FASTER. So guess what?

When You’re Under Stress, You Lose More Nicotine…
You Go into Withdrawal and You Need to Smoke to “Calm Down”

The truth is you’re NOT relieving yourself from emotional stress by smoking at all.  You’re just pumping back up your depleted blood nicotine supply—which was the REAL stress in the first place. Ever notice that when you drink you need to smoke more?  Well, here’s why:  Alcohol does the same thing to your urine as stress!  So it multiplies your need for nicotine. This may be why you’ve been afraid to quit: You’re thinking you’ll have to give up a great way to manage your stress, when in reality it’s largely the CAUSE of your trouble dealing with stress in the first place!

The great news is that virtually all ex-smokers notice a greatly improved ability to handle stress.  This is critical because you must believe that your life becomes easier once you’ve quit. When the nicotine is all gone from your body and you stop all withdrawal… you won’t have to deal with the addictive feelings when you’re under stress.  You’ll finally understand that the “stress-relieving” benefits you thought you were getting were totally bogus!

So now that you understand what nicotine addiction is all about, you can understand why once you quit — you must quit for life.  You can’t stop and start, or smoke a little bit.  You simply don’t have that luxury.

What an awesome feeling it is to break this addiction and truly kick the habit.  What an achievement!  But remember that no matter how confident and strong you feel, you can get hooked on nicotine again in a heartbeat!  The key is to make sure you’ve got a calculated plan to stay a non-smoker… for life.  Because down the road you might be in a stressful situation.  You might feel tempted to smoke, deluding yourself that it might help.  But nothing could be a greater disaster.  The addiction will come back with a vengeance.

Why Do You Resist Quitting?

It’s bizarre to the non-smoker how you can rationalize why you haven’t quit.  They’ll ask you how you could possibly continue to smoke, considering all the horror stories of death from heart attacks, cancer, emphysema and all kinds of diseases.  What the non-smoker doesn’t get is that smoking became a part of your entire lifestyle.  It’s connected to virtually everything you do—from the moment you wake up to the moment you lie down in bed. The non-smoker doesn’t understand why life doesn’t even seem like it’s worth living without smoking.  And the non-smoker can’t fathom the stress and pain of nicotine withdrawal.

In most cases, the fear of death from smoking is not as great as the fear of the withdrawal and disruption of your lifestyle.  That’s why you must understand why these assumptions about quitting are FALSE!

Life Beyond Smoking

It’s quite an uphill battle to convince a smoker how much better life is beyond smoking.  Withdrawal
doesn’t last forever—and there’s now a fantastic way to conquer withdrawals and make it bearable.  My
Stop Smoking Now program makes it all possible. Imagine waking up in the morning feeling human again… without needing a smoke.  Imagine being able to cope with stress better than ever before. Imagine NOT being at the mercy of a drug.  Imagine having greater energy and endurance.  Imagine being able to deal with the irrational fears caused by your nicotine addiction.  Imagine looking and feeling younger.

“I’ve smoked all my life…what good will quitting do?”

The great news is it’s not too late for you to quit—even if you’ve been lighting up since you were a teenager.  In fact, your body will begin to function better almost immediately, and continue to improve for years.   According to the American Cancer Society, here are some great things that happen in your body when you quit smoking:

  1. Your heart rate lowers in as little as 20 minutes.

  2. Blood levels of carbon monoxide decrease within 1 day.

  3. Risk of heart attack decreases within 3 months.

  4. Lung function improves within 3 months.

  5. Coughing and shortness of breath decrease in less than 1 year.

  6. Risk of stroke reduces to that of a non-smoker’s in as little as 5 years.

  7. Lung cancer death rate is half that of a smoker’s within 10 years.

  8. Risk of coronary heart disease is reduced to that of a non-smoker’s in 15 years.

What about the Withdrawals?

This is every smoker’s worst nightmare.  Withdrawal to nicotine isn’t just physical.  It’s psychological too.  You’re faced with a major-league behavior change, along with a staggering variety of withdrawal symptoms—symptoms which viciously persuade you to smoke again to get relief.

Why Nicotine Patches and Gums Fail!

Think about everything you’ve learned today about nicotine addiction.  How could “the patch” be a solution?  You’re just giving your body a different source of the same addictive drug—just without the smoke.  It’s like telling an alcoholic to switch to another type of booze…  It doesn’t really make sense now, does it?  Plus, there are many possible side effects like skin irritations, heartbeat irregularities, headaches, dizziness, muscle pain, vomiting, and sleeping problems.  Who needs that?

What about nicotine gum? First of all… yuck!!  It tastes awful.  Nicotine gum can irritate your throat and even cause mouth ulcers.  It can also give you the hiccups and make you nauseous.  And it’s still the same deal:  another form of nicotine.

There is a new medicine out called Chantix.  It is more effective than previous medicines and blocks and stimulates nicotine receptors.  The down side to this medicine is that many insurances don’t cover it and it has some serious side effects including increased risk of suicidal thoughts.  We have had good success using the cold laser and this medicine together, however.

Isn’t It Time You Stopped Smoking Today Without Pills, Patches,
Gum, Cravings, or Weight Gain?

If you’re ready to break your addiction quickly, easily and painlessly… my medically supervised stop smoking program featuring Low-Level Laser Therapy can help you stop your smoking habit fast… no matter how many packs a day you smoke… no matter how many years you’ve been smoking.

In Just ONE Relaxing 30-Minute Session
YOU Will Be On The Road To Living Smoke-Free!

You heard me right!  Used for decades in Singapore, the United Kingdom, Canada and Scotland, clinical trials in Europe and Canada showed an incredible 85% success rate with helping people just like you end their addiction to nicotine using laser therapy.  In a few short days you can “kick the habit” and never look back!  I know that at this point you must be wondering how laser therapy can help with smoking cessation.  So let me tell you all about it… by first telling you…

The Remarkable Story of The Low-Level Laser

Back in 1917, Albert Einstein suggested that light waves could be used for therapeutic purposes.  He was, of course, way ahead of his time.  Then, in the 60s, a Hungarian surgeon named Mester used lasers to treat infections that wouldn’t heal, starting the science of “laser biostimulation.”  Since then there have been over 2,000 international clinical studies on low-level lasers, or cold lasers.  In 2002 low-level lasers were FDA approved in the U.S.  It’s just sad that it took so long, since NO side effects have been documented, and so many positive uses have been discovered.

Important Note: It’s called a “cold” laser not because it feels cold on your skin but because the low-level light produced comes from a compressed wavelength of the cold or red part of the light spectrum.  This is totally different from laser beams that cut or those that are used for cosmetic procedures such as hair removal that sometimes feel warm. So, don’t be fooled by imitations!  The cold-laser beam travels in a straight line and can be focused precisely on one area, penetrating the skin without harming you in any way.

So, What Exactly Do “Cold” Lasers Have To Do With Quitting Smoking?

The most amazing discovery has been the use of low-level “cold” lasers to stimulate ancient acupuncture points without needles.  This is the key because stimulating specific points on your body has been shown to help you produce natural “feel good” chemicals called endorphins. Current medical reports indicate that endorphin levels are considerably higher in smokers than in non-smokers.  When you stop smoking, you experience a sudden drop in endorphin levels, leading to withdrawal symptoms and cravings.

Laser Therapy helps to balance endorphin levels, thus helping to control the addiction and pacify the cravings… which means… through a combination of modern technology and ancient healing principles, together with a dietary and lifestyle intervention plan, you can now become a non-smoker!

Introducing My Stop Smoking Now Program
4 Easy Steps to Living Smoke-Free!

Developed specifically for those people who are serious about quitting smoking FOR REAL, this unique program—which costs less than the average smoker’s monthly cigarette bill—will have you on the road to a smoke-free life after just one 30-minute laser treatment!  That’s it!  No long-term commitment of your time and money or ongoing counseling programs (although we are always here if you need us).  We do this by not only helping you overcome your smoking habit, but also providing you with the necessary tools to help you stay smoke-free for life!

Here’s a brief description of how this 4-step program works:

Step I: The Initial Stop Smoking Now Consultation with a Health Care Provider

Because nicotine addiction consists of two major factors acting at the same time (physical and mental), this program is broken down into two parts.  During the crucial first part of our program, one of my medical staff or I will consult with you on your previous attempts to quit—what helped and what led you to relapse as well as anticipated challenges and obstacles to becoming smoke-free, particularly during the critical first few weeks.  Additionally, the emotional and psychological aspects related to quitting will also be addressed.

Step II: The Stop Smoking Now Laser Treatment

Next, you will be taken into a private therapy room, where you’ll be seated in a nice comfortable chair. The therapist will then use the low-level laser beam to gently stimulate specific acupuncture points that are associated with nicotine addiction.   Once these points—which are primarily found on your ears, hands, and face—are stimulated, they trigger the release of endorphins, those natural “feel good” chemicals the body uses to relieve pain and stress.  The treatment is completely painless, and the results are purely amazing!

Note: Since nicotine is an appetite suppressant, you may be concerned about gaining weight.  If so, during your treatment we can also trigger additional acupuncture points to help suppress your appetite.

Step III: Your Stop Smoking Now Dietary & Lifestyle Action Plan

At the end of your treatment, you will be provided with a take-home Stop Smoking Now Dietary & Lifestyle Action Plan to make your transition to a non-smoker as smooth as possible and assure your long-term success with the program.  This information will include:

  1. Dietary recommendations, including healthy snack suggestions to help prevent unwanted weight gain as you embark on living smoke-free.
  2. Complete detoxification and nutritional supplementation recommendations to boost your immune system and safely flush nicotine and other toxic chemicals from your body.
  3. Exercise recommendations for overall well-being.
  4. Practical methods for handling stress and other common smoking triggers.  These lifestyle strategies will also help you overcome the urge to smoke in certain social situations.

You will leave with an appointment to come back in a couple of days for your follow-up visit.

Step IV: The Stop Smoking Now Follow-Up Visit

On this day, myself or one of my medical personnel will meet with you again and, if necessary, perform  treatments to further boost your endorphins (the booster treatment).


Either way, I hope you’ve found this report informative and wish you good luck and good health.


Joseph E. Johnson, M.D.

P.S. Picture how your life will be in a few short days if you decide to do something about your smoking habit right now!  How many years of misery will it save you?  How happy would your family be? Unfortunately, you’ll never know unless you take the next step.  So call today and find out!