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The Superiority of Laser Hair Removal

Reno Laser Hair Removal – The Best way to Rid Yourself of that Unwanted Hair! 

It’s not Magic — It’s Medical Science.

Medical science has harnessed the energy of a laser to work for you, leaving you with beautifully smooth, hairless legs, underarms, face, and bikini areas.  Even back and neck hairs are no match for the latest laser technology.

And, unlike beauty or day spas where there is no medical supervision, laser hair removal administered under the direct supervision of a physician is safer and more thorough.

Right now you’re probably thinking to yourself, “This sounds too good to be true!” Well, to understand how laser hair removal works and how it beats all other methods hands down —including electrolysis, let’s first talk about four of the most popular of these traditional methods of hair removal.

Laser Hair Removal Beats Shaving!

1. First, there is plain old shaving.

This is probably the most popular method due to the easy accessibility to a razor
(plus it’s relatively simple).

Shaving, as you know, removes only the surface hair and has no effect on the hair structures located below the skin.  Therefore, the process is self-limiting, lasting only a few days (depending on the individual) and must be an ongoing ritual.

Furthermore, most people have some type of adverse reaction to shaving.  From minor nicks and cuts to skin irritation (the dreaded razor burns), you don’t have to be told that shaving is a less-than-desirable process.

2. A similar method to shaving is depilatory creams.

As I’m sure you are aware, depilatory creams are spread on the skin where the unwanted hair is, then left for a period of time to allow the cream to fully dissolve the hair.

This method takes a very long time for the hair to dissolve and, as you may also know by experience, the whole process is messy and the creams are usually very smelly.  Furthermore, skin irritation and burns could result from the chemicals used.

Again, this technique is also short-term because it only affects the superficial hair, having no effect on the deeper hair structures.


3. For the more courageous, there is waxing and tweezing.

These hair removal techniques involve ripping the hair out of the follicle bed, and, as anyone who has ever tried it can affirm, it is extremely painful and often leads to pimples or other allergic reactions.

Although the whole hair is being removed, since the follicle itself has not been destroyed, the hair will continue to grow back.

4. The fourth option is electrolysis.

Electrolysis entails placing a needle into the skin, and an electrical current is passed into each individual hair follicle targeted for treatment.

Unfortunately, because this process can be slow and tedious, any real noticeable changes usually take several months or even years to complete.

Although electrolysis has its limitations, the one positive is that, unlike the other
3 methods previously described, electrolysis has an effect on the actual hair follicle.  Because of this, electrolysis has provided the only long-term hair removal option.

Until now, that is!

That’s right, now there’s a quick, more comfortable alternative!

Introducing Laser Hair Removal…The Most Effective, Long-Lasting Solution Now Available To Help You Get Rid of That Unwanted Hair!

Read on to learn how this incredible hair removal method works…



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The information provided in this report is meant as a general source of information only and should not be substituted for sound medical advice. If you are considering one of these procedures, you should consult further with a medical professional for complete information on the benefits and risks of all treatments described in this report. Laser Hair Removal is not completely pain free.