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For years I had been bothered by a permanent crease near my eyebrows that made people think I was in a bad mood.  I got tired of the way some people, even complete strangers, would comment to me that I looked like I was having a terrible day.  But the Botox changed that.  Finally I looked like my young self again, and people stopped asking me why I was mad.  I love the Botox and will definitely stay with it! – Jody

I started my laser treatments around September 2006 on my underarms and bikini area. I am very, very happy with the results. I finished my 5th treatment in March 2007. I haven’t shaved either area since that time. It is wonderful to wear a bathing suit or tank top without having to shave first. I highly recommend laser hair removal. – Karen

I am currently receiving mesotherapy treatments for my double chin. I was surprised at how painless and quick it was! After only two treatments, my husband says he can already tell a difference. And I’m sure I will keep seeing greater improvement as I continue with the therapy. – Jody

I have always wanted laser hair removal because waxing is so expensive, and the hair always comes back, or there are hairs that were missed. With laser hair removal, it’s quick, easy, painless, and permanent. I’ve had three treatments, and the hair is virtually gone. I am getting married soon, and I can’t wait to show off my new look for my wedding and summertime! – Stephanie

I had a sun spot the size of a quarter on my face, so for a long time I had to use cover-up on it. Then I had it removed with laser therapy. Now I’m so happy because it is no longer there. – Ivy

Laser hair removal is the best gift I have ever given to myself. Money Saver: I no longer wait at the beauty salon for a wax. I no longer have to remember to make the appointment. There is no rush through traffic to be on time for the appointment. My body is silky and rejuvenated. There is no hair growth back thanks to a well done job. I have gone back for more laser hair removal on different areas of my body. I would definitely recommend Dr. Joseph Johnson’s office to anyone looking to improve their appearance. – Eloisa

Five months ago, I was so discouraged about the weight I had gained and the number of medications I was on.  The weight caused more health problems: fatigue, stress on my joints, sleeplessness, and depression.  Dr. Johnson came into my life and changed it for the better! The HC3 diet has been wonderful.  Not only have I lost almost 70 lbs., but the quality of my life has increased significantly.  I am now starting to decrease the number of medications I am on and feel happier and healthier.  Thank you Dr. Johnson for giving me a new lease on life! –Isabella